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Education is regarded as one of the top priorities of human life; if you’re not educated you will miss all the facilities available for better life. Australia is the smallest continent of the world. Australia is a beautiful country of this continent. This is a time of globalization. Students from various countries go to other countries for education. In this process, students often prefer Australia. Australia has 5 universities in top 100 universities. These universities are ranked by reputation and the quality of education.

University of Melbourne:

This is Australia’s best university according to Times Higher Education. They provide world’s best education in some core subjects. It provides residential facilities but the cost is higher than any other places in Australia. Students have to try hard for the reason that the competition has reached the sky. Try your level best thus you can also be lucky enough to get admission in this campus also.

Australian National University:

Australian National University has consistently been one of the best universities of Australia. It maintains high standard of education. Only who gets above 93% in the entrance exam get the chance to compete. So, the competition is really high. ANU graduates are ranked No. 1 based on getting employed.

University of Sydney:

This is the oldest universities of Australia. The quality of education is beyond any question. It is at Canberra in Australia. It is also known for its beauty of campus. It has one of the top 10 beautiful campuses. 17 faculties belong to this university. Sydney University provides residential facilities. Student unions are active here.

University of Queensland:

Queensland University is the best university for research in Australia. It has two main campuses. It provides six faculties. Students can take the residential facilities of this university. University also organizes career fair for students to get job in various well known companies.

University of New South Wales:

The university is at Kinston, in Australia. It is one of the most selective universities of Australia. Students have given five stars to this university in 10 categories. It comprises 9 faculties. Every year in each semester they send their students to abroad under scholarships. It has a Cancer Research Centre. It has several residential colleges for the students.

Monash University:

Monash University is the first choice of students from Victoria. It has seven campuses. Five of them are in Australia, one is in Malaysia and another one is in South Africa. Monash is highly selective. It has 10 faculties. Education is the top most subject of Monash. Students are allowed to stay in residential colleges in every campus.

Life is little bit costly in Australia. But the spending is worthy. Australia is one of the best places in the world to live in. Why only living, study in Australia is also commendable. Australian universities are enlisted in world’s top universities. They also ensure employment. Employment is something which is very important. Australia is a home for researchers. They appreciate and patron research in various areas. They spend a lot of money every year for research purpose. So, if your destination is Australia for higher study you should follow and maintain all the narrated terms. Hope for the best result in your future study in Australia.

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Australia Top Universities

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Australian Universities

In Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, five Australian Universities have begged positions in top 100 universities worldwide.


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