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Working in today’s economy is much more difficult than 20-30 years ago; all the computers; the software is renewing; the laws are different everywhere and are changing; the rules of the business world are changing along with the technology. The information to have is so wide and diverse that without a good business school every newbie is lost. There are a lot of people who want to work in that sphere, most of the students want to became managers in some company; or their family has one and need someone to know what is going on; every decision for a business school is full with desire for progress and quick money (mostly).

Business schools teaches its students to all they may need in their future life; the history of Wall Street and the most important economical events; they learn to analyze the market; to sell and to buy; all the trading laws (and the others too); they study and analyze the largest companies in the world; they are well prepared to their future in the game of Business.

In this the business the best is the best, the better is the school –giver more opportunities, connections with the industry and better preparation. The greatest places to obtain business knowledge according to Forbes are:

The number one is Stanford University – it is the most difficult place to get in, their requirements are very high and severe; one thing that is different from the other schools is that every student is obligated to travel abroad – short trips or more time; the graduates average salary is over 125000, the highest from all the schools; the teaching and research are the most respected disciplines.

The second is the university of Chicago (Booth) – Booth is one of the best business schools in USA; one of the oldest; offers very high ranked business subject; very large part of graduated students go in consulting or finance services; the best salaries for graduates in the industry – 145000; gives solid base to the students and understanding of the concepts in business.

Most of the powerful and rich people in USA have been in Harvard, the third position. Harvard is very old institution, a pioneer in the educational standards; the university offers dual degrees in many disciplines; and its reputation is among the best in the world. The alumni of the university are very famous people- Michael Bloomberg, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney. The employability of the graduated students is over 90 percent.

Next is the University of Pennsylvania with its Wharton school. It is one of the biggest and oldest in the country; its 4th position in the Forbes league table shows that is among the best; more than ¼ of its students are foreign; there are 18 faculties and 200 courses offered. The MBA from Wharton is respected everywhere in the world.

The Northwestern University is the fifth participant in here – The Kellogg School of management – a place where business minds are created and trained; it has great international practice programs for every student; the employability rate is very high – 42 percent, all in very powerful firms.

The life standard and the career options are very high in US, the good education is a prerequisite; the reputation of the university matters too.

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