List Of Top Universities In The World

The university education is a must have for every young person today, without it - there are no opportunities for future career. In our fast developing world we don't have a choice - the higher education is the fist step to keep up with everything. The time of the long endless parties and wasting time is gone, the today students are persistent, serious and highly determined. The today young people know what they want and that hard work and serious attitude are the keys of getting good start in life, that is why they usually search for top universities in the world to enter. Getting in the best university in the area or in the country (even in the entire world) gives flying start to every career. In fact this is why the university rankings started to be published every year, along with the large number of institutions and students.

Of course the university rankings existed before, too, but they were mostly local or national; the top places were known, but not that widely. Now this leader board is essential for the students and the institutions, too. In fact, university rankings are very useful for both sides - the students know where the best places are; and the universities keep improving and developing in order to be on higher position. The higher rank position always means that the institutions get more students, makes them more attractive.

Of course the university rankings are based on strict criteria, otherwise they would be pointless; there is a number of five to seven important marks, which are monitored in order to offer quality education. These criteria are similar in every ranking list and may include or exclude some details, but in general they remain the same.

The world top institutions for higher education must have:

  • It must offer very high quality of teaching and learning environment;
  • They must also have staff highly educated staff, large enough to handle and educate large number of students.
  • The universities must have highly sophisticated facilities and equipment, along with good practice opportunities for their students.
  • The funding, from both - government and industry, must be high enough, which means they can afford quality education and facilities.
  • The student's employment rate is another from the most important marks for a top university. In other words the number of graduate students, who found employment must be high enough.
  • The research facilities and staff must be of high quality, too. In fact the top world universities have many patents and discoveries, which allow them to have bigger funding and to work closer with the industry.
  • The qualities a top university must have are many more, but these are some of the most important; these are which the students and the ranking institutions look at more precisely.

    There are two highly respected and very accurate ranking institutions in the world; they have very transparent and easy to understand comparing criteria, which make them the most used, too. Times Higher Education and QS World University Ranking are these names, which allow you to find the best place to start your career and on their official pages you can see the complete list of top world universities.

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