New Zealand Top Universities

Living and studying abroad is very common now, not only to gain better life standard, but to know other countries and cultures. Americans and Britain citizens, from developed nations, need it the most.

In poor countries, studying abroad is a chance to get away from poverty and bad atmosphere, scholarships are common way to have the chance, work and study is the other way.

Which are the persuaded nations – US in the Americas, UK and France in Europe, India and Japan in Asia, but the most desirable places to go are Australia and New Zealand. The life standard is one of the highest in the world, life is calm and work is well paid; educational status is very high too. There are beautiful cities, nice coasts and they live a balanced live, sometimes earthquakes too, but it is ok. It is little bit long away so most of the students consider going there and stay for longtime.

Everyone who is not New Zealand citizen must have visa to visit, work or study there (if he will stays more than 3 months). There are different visas but if you want to study you need student visa, there are requirements of course and rules, e.g. with this type of visa you can stay maxim of 4 years.

The government allows student to work but not more than 20 hours a week.

One common issue (for some) are the cost of life and university fees, high standard has bigger expenses and the fees are e.g. between 19000 and 25000 for a law degree (+ living there, make the calculation)

New Zealand universities have very good reputation, but they are not on the top 100 world list, they occupy lower places- from 200 and lower (best ranking 83th).
1-The first place is occupied by the University of Auckland – 1883 it his first year; located in Auckland city; the subjects here are – health and medicine; Languages; cultural; sciences and technology and some other.
2-Next is University of Otago- founded in 1869, it covers good range of subjects – art and humanities; science; social sciences.
3-Third place here is for The University of Waikato- 561th in the world rank list; covers the common subjects; has over 13000 students; started in 1964.
4-Massey University is next – 1963 is the year of foundation; this public institution has no certificates and associate degrees; and over 35000 students;
5-University of Canterbury -691th in web world ranking; covers the common subjects (no associate degrees); over 20000 students; 1873 launched;
6-Victoria University of Wellington- 1897 start year; more than 16000 students every year;
7-Auckland University of Technology –AUT- created 1895; has five faculties and over 20 000 students every year;
8-Lincoln University- Commerce, Agriculture and sciences; English; and environment are the subjects here;
There are more educational institutions, you need to decide and apply, to cover all the requirements and hop on the plane!

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