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Rankings would vary from one surveying institution to another. The categories, criteria and the scores given toa particular university would be depending on what the surveying institution might be concentration on. The top 400 universities of one ranking list might be different from another. For the sake of this article, let one consider the lists that were provided by QS Top Universities (website: and Times Higher Education World University Rankings (website: With an initial look, there is already a difference from their top ranked university for the year 2014. For the previous list, the top university is Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. On the other hand, the latter list presented California Institute of Technology or Caltech to occupy the top spot. Both universities are located in the United States.

Considering the differences in results, the top 400 universities list of one institution would be a jumbled version of the other. For an organization or an individual to be able to get a better glimpse of the scenario, it might be better to consider two lists rather than depend on just one. This would help an individual or a group to better analyze on what university is doing in comparison with their counterparts in the academic sector. It might also be helpful in getting more opinions to get a more unbiased list of top universities. This is not to say that there are lists which are bias and might be favoring several academic institutions.

Universities that ranked in the top 400 universities for most of the top university rankings are located within the continents of North America, Europe, and Australia. Asian universities are steadily climbing the rankings in any of the released and published for the year of 2014. This is just to show that academic institutions around the world are getting more competitive as time is passing by. Because of the higher quality education being given to the students at present, the quality of leaders and professionals for the future will be ensured.

The world would be witness to a better quality of professionals and leaders that would come from all over the globe. Countries would eventually be led by individuals who have a better perspective which would be supported by a quality education from a top ranked university and it is not just on a local scale but in an international level. The academic sector all around the world is becoming more competitive at present especially with the presence of the most advanced technology that Science has to offer the whole human population. It is becoming to be more delightful that the future of the next generation would be guided by professionals and leaders that are bearers of quality education. The competition in rankings between universities that are belonging to the top 400 universities would get tougher each and every year. The same could be associated with the competition of individuals in the professional arena. Being able to earn a degree from these top universities might secure one’s career and status in society.

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