Top Fashion Universities In The World

Now the Fashion is a passion. Every girl, boy, anyone thinks that they know what Fashion is; they pretend to understand it and to know all about it. Do they, or maybe not.

To “know” all about fashion is very difficult; first you need to know what is Fashion – this is the most popular and used styles – clothes, shoes, cars, smartphones, even body arts, everything now is influenced by the Fashion.

In fact the fast development of the Fashion started in 20th century, with the industrial revolution. The sewing machine was the main engine, factories were opened and designer became much appreciated. Before that time all the clothing, shoes etc were handmade, from excellent tailors or by mammy’s hands, at home…

The fashion is changing daily - new taste, new style, there is a lot of history in a short time. There are many fabrics, many ways of production, many and many other, which are the main reasons to create the Fashion schools – high schools and universities.

Before the tailors had apprentices – they were teaching them and that was the way to pass the knowledge; now in modern era this is now the way.

To learn how to draw, to understand the colors, to know the tools and the manufacturing cycle; to know all the chemistry, the model creation, the marketing and the advertizing – you need to go to the university. So fashion is no more just sewing- it is an art that can make people rich and famous.

One of the most powerful tool of the fashion is the media, the media that shows the “fashion shows” the rich and famous designers and their pretty models, the media that creates “celebrities”, models and designers. Seeing all that, there are a lot of people who want to join the industry, some just to make money; some just have the pure “passion” for Fashion.

Going in fashion school is the first and very important step to make a carrier in the industry and then comes the Fashion University, the higher level. There, after knowing the basis, the student gets the next step, take all the courses, work in some famous brands (practice) and make the proper connections (very important). The experience and “friends” made in the university give very good opportunities to the future designers (I just take designers for the moment), so the right school is very important; this institutions are often very expensive – finding the best is very important, otherwise- why wasting the money?!

Like everything now, there are rank list for the Fashion universities, too (21th century fashion), based on the achievements of their students (employment). In 2013 the best institutions in that field were:

Like everything now, there are rank list for the Fashion universities, too (21th century fashion), based on the achievements of their students (employment). In 2013 the best institutions in that field were:

Next position is occupied from the Royal College of Art, in UK again; the name says it all – art, design, fine arts, architecture, fashion; the highest standards in teaching and learning; helping the creative mind to develop;

4th -Kingston University;

Number five and six are – Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale and La Cambre.

Third place for Parsons, the new school of design, in New York, US – they have all the art and design disciplines; the institution provides best theory and practice; New York City – one of the largest cultural and art centers in the world helps even more the development of the students.

Our world is changing very quick, society even quicker – Good education, and an open and creative mind, it is all you need, Mr. Future designer.


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