Top Italian Universities

Italy is known for its prestigious and vivid history. And one of the greatest achievements in Italian history is establishment of Universities which are now a part of one of the oldest European Universities. University of Bologna and University of Padua were established in the year 1088 and 1222 respectively.

Italy’s surroundings and peaceful environment always play a key role in alluring students around the world to come and have an experience like nowhere else. So here are some Universities you should keep in mind if you want to go to Italy for further studies.

Top Five Universities:-

The following list is created on the basis of ARWU’s (Academic Ranking of World Universities) list.

University of Pisa - Founded in 1343, This University is locally known as Universita di Pisa. This university is known for its ling tradition of research and evaluation. Ranks number one in the country and is placed among 101-150 rankers in the world.

University of Roma - La Sapienza – Locally known as Sapienza – Universita di Roma. It was founded in year 1303. Being the first University in Rome and one of the largest in Europe, this university has made its contribution in development of science and many other fields. Ranks 2nd in the country and among 101-150 in the world.

University of Milan - Locally known as Universita degli studi di Milano, this university is one of the proud 21 members of LERU (League of European Research Universities). Offering a wide number of study programs, this university ranks 3rd in the country and among 151-200 universities in the world.

University of Padua - A historic university whose establishment dates back to the year 1222. The methodology of the university education invented by this university is adopted by the universities worldwide. Ranks 4th in the country and among 151-200 in the world.

University of Bologna - One of the oldest universities in the western world which was established in year 1088. Have contributed in international education in various ways. Due to its fame and quality, this university has been a part of top 5 universities consistently.

Other Universities:-

Polytechnic institute of Milan - Locally known as Ploytechnico di Milano, is a leading technical university in Europe founded in 1863.

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Founded by Napoleon in early 1810s, is known for students selected on basis of various competitive exams.

University of Florence - Locally known as Universita degli Studi di Firenze, was established in 1321, provides a large number of courses in every field of education.

University of Turin - Was established in the year 1404. Known for its educational status and quality of courses offered.

Providing amazing education opportunities in universities which were established in the very beginning of modern education, Italy is one of the best countries where students can get a proper education environment and opportunities. So there is a lot to choose from for a better future of your career.

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