Top London Universities

London is the capital of UK; it is one of the largest cities in the world; it is cultural; trade; commercial; financial; educational center; and its influence in all the spheres is very powerful. It is very old; it has over 32 boroughs; and population over 9mln people; it is very international, thanks to the large immigration. The City of London has many Theaters; Cinema; Museums; and many other cultural monuments and events; it is powerful commerce center – all the industries are presented. There are some of the most famous and important companies; the London Stock market; many trade centers. In London we also find some of the most famous football clubs in the world Chelsea; Arsenal; the football industry and many other sports are wide developed and loved; it is also very popular tourist destination – millions of people visit it every day.

The education is also one of the most developed and improved in the city; there are some of the top 10 world universities; the educational standards are very high and demanding. London is a world educational center; and very popular destination for study; live and work; the life standard is very high, among the highest in the world. Some of the oldest, popular and most quality universities are located in the city – the Imperial College London; the King’s College London; the Westminster university; the Greenwich university; the last two are among the oldest and most famous in Europe.

London is the best place to get great education – theory and practice; there are many powerful companies which look for quality employers and the career opportunities are very high.

The King’s College London is among the top 10 in the world; its quality is well known; the degrees obtained there are recognized everywhere in the world; it has modern and sophisticated research facilities; it is founded in 1829 by King George IV and Wellington Duke; there are nice faculties, which cover wide range of disciplines; it is leading center in the medical and biomedical research. Its annual income is very high and it is very desired place to be; the students who are studying there have the opportunity to gain their practice in the best companies in the World; and the employment rate is very high.

The Imperial College London is another institution that gives the highest quality education; it is among the best in the nation and the entire world; its disciplines include – engineering; science; medicine; and business. It was and part of the University of London and gained independence in 2007 as a part of the celebrations of its 100 anniversary. There are over 3300 highly educated staff; and more than 14 000 students; four faculties and more than 40 research centers; laboratories and other departments. It is 5th and 8th in the world in two of the top rankings. The Imperial College is the place to start your career and to be successful.

London is a dreamed city – night life; culture and many other entertainments; people who live there have the highest life and work standard; it is a place where many want to be.

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