Top University In Japan

Japan is an island country- it consists of over 6500 slam islands; with a population of 126mln people; on an area of 377 944 sq km. There are the four largest islands Hokkaido; Honshu; Kyushu; and Shikoku – they are almost all the Japan area – 97 percent. There are volcanoes; earthquakes and tsunami – many disasters, due to its location – on the Pacific Ring of Fire; there are more than 10 weak earthquakes every day. The capital of the nation – Tokyo has more than 30mln residents – and it’s the largest city in the world. Japan is constitutional monarchy- with an emperor and an elected legislature – Diet; it is part of the UN; G7; G8 and G20. It is very developed country; it is on fourth place in the world in the import – export; it has very large military budget – very strong army. Japan is very famous with the best quality of life; the happiest women; and one of the lowest child mortality. Japanese culture is very popular all over the world; their way of life – peaceful and in complete order- is also very popular; the cuisine; the clothing. Tokyo is one of the most developed technologically city; the mobile and the computer technologies are widely used; and their development is constant; they get better and better. Japan is also an educational power – the universities are one of the most modernized – their faculties and staff. Lately the government is focused of attracting more foreign students; they want to have over 300 000 international students until 2020; the universities are making the making everything easier, until the graduation and finding job. The courses are taught in English, all of them or at least a part; there is more staff to support the foreigners; they let the students to start in September, not in April – when the universities start in Japan. The Japanese institutions are hiring more international staff and increase the exchange with others abroad.

Studying and living in Japan is very expensive; more than to stay in England; the Japanese government has approved scholarships and other help for the foreigner students. There are over 780 universities; very sophisticated and modernized; the Japanese culture supports the education; and the standards are among the highest in the world; they know that it is essential and is improved all the time.

The University of Keio – is located in Tokyo; it is ranked on 54th position in the world rankings; it is founded in 1858; offers MBA and PhD degrees to local and foreign students; there we find very high educated staff; and over 35 000 students; private institutions.

The University of Tokyo – ranked as 98th in the world, still in top 100; started 1877 and located in Tokyo; there are more two campuses in Komaba and Kashiwa; the institution offer wide range of disciplines and degrees; it is very popular and well known in the entire world.

The university of Tsukuba is the third in the top list of Japanese schools for higher education – it is also one of the most modern and technologically developed; created in 1973; is located in Tsukuba and one more campus in Tokyo.

These are the top Japanese institutions – check it out and be sure you won’t be wrong if you choose between them.

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