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Grad schools are the short form of graduate schools. Here students are offered higher education than undergrad programs. Grad schools are common term in the USA. In other parts of world people generally call it postgraduate education. Graduate and postgraduate programs are included in grad schools. Grad schools do not need to be a separate institution. It can be the same school or university where undergraduate programs run. The primary requirement to get into a grad school is an undergrad degree. After study students get master’s degree for graduation and doctoral degrees for post-graduation. Students may choose subject from their own field.

Harvard University:

Harvard is one of the most glorious universities around the world. It is located at Cambridge in the USA. The university has 11 academic units. For undergraduate program, the university emphasizes on arts and science. But for graduate program it offers various disciplines of degree. Harvard is costly for students but it offers generous scholarships. It is the richest university in the world.

University of Oxford:

University of Oxford is located in Oxford, England. Oxford has four divisions and 38 colleges with many more academic departments. Weekly tutorials are taken in undergraduate programs. It facilitates students with many scholarships. Applicants have to follow UCAS application system to apply. Students from abroad can give interview through internet. Oxford has the largest university press and academic library. Books of medicine published by oxford are used as the text book in many institutions.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

MIT has consistently been one of the top three universities. Though the name the institute focuses on technology, it is one of the few best universities that teach economics. The university is at Cambridge. It follows four-one-four calendar to invite students. Every year thousands of students apply in different departments of MIT. But after huge competition, only few of them get the golden chance.

University of Cambridge:

Cambridge University is one of oldest universities of the world. The university has over 100 academic departments. Here, most emphasis is given on mathematics. The university also offers new subjects like theology, history and modern languages along with architecture, archeology, arts etc.

University College London:

University college of London is situated in London, England. UCL includes over 100 departments. Featuring subjects of UCL are brain science, built environment, engineering, arts and humanities etc. Its academic calendar is divided into three terms. UCL strictly maintains secularism.

Education never leaves you. It is better to get education as higher you can. In today’s world, bachelor’s degree is not enough. If you want to enhance your CV then you need additional degrees. A grad school is there to provide you such degree programs. Some grad schools offer professional degrees too. Let the world’s top universities make you more educate and experience the world class education.

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