Top Medical Universities Of The World

I considered doctors as next to god. Only doctors attain the power to aid human, which god has created. This noble profession is required extreme cautiousness while selecting and studying in universities. Because a doctor needs to be detail oriented and if his institution does not offer him that opportunities that would result badly. This is why I am introducing world’s top medical universities of the world. These universities are selected cautiously while considering the overall enrichment of library and research facility, education system plus quality, acceptance along with international student participation, etc. All I can ensure these universities are worth an enrollment application.

Oxford University:

Oxford University is teaching medicine since 13th century. The medical science division of oxford offers over 25 departments and faculties. In Oxford, students get admitted after secondary education. Admission process is highly competitive.

Harvard University:

Harvard is one of the most glorious universities around the world. It is located at Cambridge in the USA. The university has 11 academic units. For undergraduate program, the university emphasizes on arts and science. But for graduate program it offers various disciplines of degree. Harvard is costly for students but it offers generous scholarships. It is the richest university in the world.

University of Cambridge:

Universities of UK are famous for the subject Medicine. Among the universities of UK, university of Cambridge is on the top. In Cambridge, there are pre-medical and clinical courses. Cambridge accepts 260 British and 20 overseas students for the pre-medical courses. The clinical course has 145 seats. There is a high competition for these 145 seats.

University of California:

University of California has improved in previous years and made its position in top 5 universities for medicine. It has 19 clinical departments within six basic departments. Annually about 400 students get degree on medicine from this university. As it is one of the top 5 universities for medicine, getting admission is tough here.

Stanford University:

Stanford School of Medicine is located in Stanford Medical Centre, in Stanford, California. Getting admission in Stanford is a matter of huge competition. The university has an acceptance rate of 2.2%. For example, in 2008; 6567 people applied, 463 were interviewed and 86 students got selected. In the first two years, the grading system is only pass or fail. After two years, students can choose one major subject from twelve options.

Medical science is an interesting subject of science. It has been a favorite subject to students for years. It takes five or more years to complete the undergrad session. Even the lengthy duration could not resist student from choosing medicine. Medical students need to be very attentive to their studies and be dedicated to the subject. They contribute a lot to the society. If you think you are capable, then join one of best medical schools and serve people with your treatment.

These are the prominent medical universities of the worlds and these universities are leading the era of medical institution. If you want to attain medical universities then you should consider these universities seriously because the way these universities are improving we can easily understand that the education they provide is tremendous.

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