Top Rank University In The World

Being ranked as the Top University in the world in really dream come true for any university. The Top Rank University in the world currently is the Harvard University from the United States of America. The Harvard University was founded in the year 1636. It’s really an age old university catering to varied fields of study. The Harvard University is located in, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America. Further, the University has been maintaining a continuous track record for the past Ten years holding on to the record No.1 Position in the Top ranked universities of the world.

The University offers a great deal of programs starting from the basic undergraduate to the doctorate level programs. The programs offered by the university are mentioned below as follows

Undergraduate Programs and Master's Degree Programs in

African and African American Studies

Applied Mathematics
Chemical and Physical Biology
Chemistry Classics
Computer Science Earth and Planetary Sciences
East Asian Studies
Engineering Sciences
English History
History and Literature
History and Science
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Religion, Comparative Study of
Romance Languages and Literatures
Sanskrit and Indian Studies
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Social Studies
Special Concentrations
Visual and Environmental Studies
Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Studies of
MBA Program

Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Design
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Education Leadership
Doctor of Juridical Science
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Theology
Doctoral Programs
PhD in Health Policy
PhD in Political Economy & Government
PhD in Public Policy
PhD in Social Policy

The University in itself can be classified as a Mega University that caters to varied fields of studies and each area of Study have a broad classification of discrete areas that would require at least around 10 pages to list them individually. The ranking to the University has been provided based on the various areas of study it possesses. Apart from the Engineering and Sciences area in the University, all other areas of study have been in the number 1 position for nearly 8 years in a row.

The University has nearly more than 20000 students as its strength with nearly 21% of the same belonging to the international student’s category. This explains the strength of the institution in the global arena and thus provides an edge over the other Universities of the world. The graduate enrolment of the University surpasses the under graduate enrolment. This too is an indication on the quality of the education and the research work being carried out in the university.

The academic staff in research are ranked first among the 525 universities in the world. This clearly indicates the gigantic proportion of the university in its research related activities. The University has been and is producing worthy and employable people, thus earning the goodwill of the industries. Further to add more, the number of noble Laureates and the finalists in the Noble price are from this prestigious university. Anything more to add on the Harvard University will surely be a very long note.

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