Top Ten Universities In The World

Which are the beet places to study and to obtain your higher education? Which is the university, which offers you the best start for your career ? These are the questions every student asks himself and the answer is easy - he needs to enter the world top universities in order to succeed in his preferred professional field.

Which are the top universities, how to know, to find and compare them? These are the next questions, and the answer is still easy - to find out, which are the top ten universities in the world the student just need to visit the official pages of the university rankings. There is the place, where all the universities are compared and the results are published to ease everybody; the student will also find short info about the universities, their official pages, too.

There are two most trusted ranking organizations - the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education. They gather data from all the universities, compare it, and then publish the rank list of the universities, every year. Usually the changes in top ten list are rare, the same faces are always there, but every institution keeps improving and trying to get higher.

According to QS World University Rankings the top ten universities this year are:

1. The number one in the list of top ten universities in the world is the MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is ranked as one of the best engineering schools and has also one of the best business faculties in the world.

2. The number two for Cambridge, which is among the oldest and most respected in the world. Many of the world leaders had graduated Cambridge University, too.

3. The Imperial College London is on the third position, as one of the most respected European universities; and as one of the best in the UK.

4. Fourth in this rank list is the University of Harvard, which along with Cambridge is among the oldest and most respected, and modern educational institutions.

5. Fifth is the Oxford, well known name of one of the most desired places to study.

6. University College of London is the other member of the UK institutions in the top ten list; it has one of the best business schools in the world.

7. Stanford is on the next position, a number seven; this is one of the best universities in US, which has some of the best business and medical schools in the world.

8. The eighth place is for Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, which is one of the best schools for engineering and computer sciences.

9. On the position nine is the Princeton University, which is also well known and respected for its high quality of education.

10.Yale is on the tenth place, at the end of the top ten list of the best universities in the world.

The differences between the first and the last are very small, still the students want to know which is where; it is well known that Stanford and Yale offer the same quality of the education as MIT and Caltech, but in the rankings they are on different positions.

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