Top Universities Of Europe

Europe is widely admired for music, culture and art around the world. But it has been an immense patron for education. Europe is hallowed with a large number of world’s legendary educational institutes. Europe is a welcoming country for international students. UK is leading the European countries in the ranking. Germany, France and Switzerland have also a satisfactory position in the ranking.

University of Oxford:

University of Oxford is located in Oxford, England. Oxford has four divisions and 38 colleges with many more academic departments. Weekly tutorials are taken in undergraduate programs. It facilitates students with many scholarships. Applicants have to follow UCAS application system to apply. Students from abroad can give interview through internet. Oxford has the largest university press and academic library. Books of medicine published by oxford are used as the text book in many institutions.

University of Cambridge:

Cambridge University is one of oldest universities of the world. The university has over 100 academic departments. Here most emphasis is given on mathematics. The university also offers new subjects like theology, history, modern languages along with architecture, archeology, arts etc. It is the second best home for medical students.

Imperial College London:

London Imperial College is best for Science and Business. It is located in London. It has over forty departments under four faculties. This college started and attained huge improvements in Research in Bio-medicine. Thirty nine percent of total students of ICL come from Europe.

ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology:

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is in Zurich, Switzerland. ETH has been consistently on the ranking of top universities of the world. It is the 8th best university for Science and Technology. It is blessed with many Nobel laureates. Albert Einstein was also a part of this university. Students from abroad have to pass either “Reduced Entrance Exam” or “Comprehensive Entrance Exam” in order to getting admission here.

University College London:

University college of London is in London, England. UCL includes over 100 departments. Featuring subjects of UCL are Brain Science, Built Environment, engineering, arts and humanities etc. Its academic calendar is divided into three terms. UCL strictly maintains secularism. Students of all gender, color and religion can get admission here.

European universities do well in the world ranking. After USA, UK has the highest number of universities in the ranking. UK has 4 universities among the top 10 universities of the world. It has 7 universities out of top ten universities of Europe. Switzerland has two universities in top 20 universities of the world.

Students throughout the world have cherished the dream of studying in Europe. Europe has always maintained the quality of education. That is why students are interested in studying in Europe. Moreover that it is comparatively friendly place for international students. There are world’s best universities with almost every academic field here. All you need is to choose a university that you like and come to Europe for better study.

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