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If you like the idea of studying in a state which has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, along with the relaxed culture and thriving ski scene - and let's face it, you're more likely to do so - then Colorado may be for you as well.

Colorado is located in the western U.S.; Wyoming to the north, Nebraska in the north-east, East Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico in the south, and Utah in the west.

Based in the small town of Boulder, Colorado State University is part of the University of Colorado, which also includes the University of Colorado, Denver, and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - has additional medical campus in Aurora.

Several mixing institution receives the second largest state of Colorado State University (Fort Collins-based) is also part of the university "system." Named Colorado State University system also includes Colorado State University-Pueblo and CSU-Global Campus - only offers courses online.

The Colorado Community College System consists of 14 community colleges in the state of Colorado. Created by law in 1967, serves more than 116,000 students each year. Its dual supervision of community colleges and vocational training for the State of Colorado is unique in the country.

Plan your schedule:

Call searched online calendar for classes. You can filter the search results according to their needs.

See Calendar of final exams. See if you want to take their final exams, and what to do if you have a final exam schedule conflict.
See how the course catalog and course descriptions myWeb navigate.
Find a complete list of current codes of issues and topics of the course as well as the history list of object codes.

For employees: find courses and plan your schedule.

Points to be noted:
Each application is reviewed individually, carefully and thoroughly. The best candidates for admission have a minimum GPA of 2.5 cattle finished in 30 hours or more per semester at an accredited institution in the region.

Although admission is selective and academic performance is emphasized in the admission decision, we also appreciate the personal qualities and experiences that enrich our academic community. Use your personal statement and recommendation (s) that will help us to provide a complete picture of you.

Financial Aid:

Your investment in education pay CSU for the rest of your life, and we provide the resources to make it happen. About 73 percent of our students receive financial support and our graduates have become the market leader in a variety of areas. No wonder Personal Finance magazine Kiplinger reiterated CSU as a "best value" public university.

The first classification of residency at the University Colorado State is supported by the Office of Admissions on the basis of the information you provide determines the residence section of the application for admission to the CSU. This initial classification of residence remains the same, if you qualify to stay in Colorado, sends a "request for classification studies states" that supports his residence and approve your request.

If you have been classified as non-resident and believe that you qualify for a stay of Colorado, it is important to do the following:
Attend an orientation visit for more information on registration requirements and classification petition process.

Watch: to gain more insights in to the universities and the state.

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