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Psychology is defined as the science of mental health. Science and Technology are not only the mostly desired and favorite subjects for students. Students have started exploring subjects. As different careers have bloomed in many fields, students look out for different and interesting careers. Along with the Human Biology courses Psychology is also becoming students’ favorite course. Once you have decided the major subject you want to study and wish to study the same in one of the world’s top universities, you have to start exploring the list of universities in the subject wise. As even a reputed, top university might not be the great one in the subject you want to study in. In this case, you have an advantage also, that is, you need not go by general information about the university, and you can start exploring for a specific subject and research facilities available in the university for your desired subject.

As Psychology is one of the subjects that needs more attention to study, it will be great if you can get all the facilities related to Psychology in the university you study, so that you need not waste your time in collecting the resources. So searching for a university that is specialized in Psychology worldwide will give you more advantages.

Below is the list of top universities in Psychology

Harvard University: Harvard is one of the finest university in the world and it also stands first in the list of top universities in Psychology worldwide. Needless to say, with the world class amenities and international standard, Harvard will be a great place to study Psychology.

University of Oxford: It has a department called Oxford Experimental Psychology to provide Psychology related courses. It is one of the leading psychology departments in United Kingdom. It also provides undergraduate course.

University of Cambridge: It provides a new course called ‘Psychological and Behavioral Science with 3 years duration from its department of Psychology. It also has around 50000 books in its library related to the subject.

Stanford University: It provides Psychology courses that include introduction to Psychology, Language Understanding by children and adults, origin of mental life, introduction to statistical science and self theories.

Video for more information:

Stanford University Campus Tour

University of California (Los Angeles): large number of upper division. Lower division and graduate courses are available in this university. The courses include Cortical Plasticity and Perception Learning, Human Neurophysiology, studies about fear and axiety, Psychobiology of Emotion and stress, functional neiroimaging.

University College London: This leading multidisciplinary university provides graduate and post graduate courses in Psychology. It also provides Doctorate in Educational and Child Psycology.

The University of Melbourne: Through Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences the psychology courses are offered. It has one of the oldest and largest Psychology department in Australia.

Yale University: It teaches the following programs of study

Clinical psychology
Cognitive psychology
Developmental psychology
Social/Personality psychology

University of Queensland: It provides Bachelor of Psychological Science course. It is an international course for four years. It costs the annual fee of AUD24000

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